Simple guide

mollana - a simple guide

This is simple guide for getting started with roman transliteration rules in Mollana. Hope this gets you up and writing Urdu in no time...


Download the installer and install Mollana for Windows.


The interface of Mollana text editor consists of an:

  • Editor pane 
    where you type and edit Roman text.
  • Unicode View pane 
    which provides non-editable view of the translated unicode Urdu text.

how it works

You type Roman text (plain English alphabets, ASCII characters) in Editor pane which is converted using predefined mapping rules to Urdu unicode text and gets displayed in Unicode View pane in real time.

why bother

For a large number of reasons. To enumerate a few...

  • You reuse your typing skills for Roman text to type Urdu, which are more used to when using computers and cell phones.
  • No need worry about mixed LTR to RTL text editing nightmare.
  • Ligature/Haraqat editing is simplified, as there is no overlap of characters as is in the displayed glyph

urdu script mapping

The following lessons are mainly designed and inspired from the book Urdu For All - An Introduction to Urdu Script by Roop Krishen Bhat.


The following lessons will guide will you through the mapping rules between the Roman characters and the corresponding Unicode Urdu characters with progressive approach every lesson building on the previous lessons.