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Urdu Unicode text editor that uses Roman transliteration for text editing.

Getting started

Simple guide to getting started with Mollana.;-)


Mollana is an Urdu Unicode text editor that uses Roman transliteration for easy LTR editing and seamless real-time conversion to Unicode Urdu text. It internally uses TECkit (Text Encoding Conversion kit) by Jonathan Kew/SIL International and a custom mapping file designed specifically for Urdu script, to convert the roman transliterated text to Urdu Unicode text.

  1. What is it?
    It is program to easily type Urdu text without going through the trouble of installing Urdu Keyboard, learning the keyboard layout and THEN type it in.
    Now with Mollana you can simply download, install and get started...
    How does it work?
    It takes Roman/English text as input (Roman Transliteration, technical jargon) and uses predefined rules to produce Urdu Unicode text.
    Will it translate my spellings of words as well?
    No. It uses fixed representation of Urdu alphabets in roman characters, which are quite convenient to remember and use with little practice. So you have to let go of your own spelling to work with Mollanaand I'm sure you will not regret it.
    How to use?
    • Download and install. Goto Help→Getting Started Guide.
    • For quick reference, Goto Help→Cheat Sheet (Print it for handy reference.)